Pomôžme prežiť Ukrajine

An initiative linking DHZ Prešov with the war reporter Tomáš Forró, who regularly maps the situation at the front.
During the winter of 2022/23 they sent more than 150 thousand euros of aid to Ukraine thanks to the support of Slovak and foreign companies.


In Ukraine, we are mainly helping with much-needed medical supplies which stop bleeding. 
We carry out logistics for the military units in cooperation with our partner organization Veterans Space or "People of Good Will Center" in Rivne. Our assistance in the first year of the war exceeded the value of € 200,000. 
We have been helping since the beginning of the war - and we believe that we can do it as long as it takes.

Cesty pomoci z.s.

Civic association operating in front-line areas, mainly in Donetsk and Kharkiv region.
We deliver basic humanitarian aid to villages directly on the battle line, where aid reaches only sporadically.

Viera Dubáčová - Tí, ktorí zostali

Vierka is a director of films about the suffering and determination of Ukrainians in the midst of a war for their freedom. On every trip to Ukraine, she aims to bring everything she needs to the people on the front line. As a civic activist and recipient of several awards for her volunteer work, she co-founded initiatives such as Peace Ukraine and our Together Ukraine platform.

Katarína Pajerská - Caritas Mukačevo

Katka is a volunteer in the Roma community of Ukraine for past 16 years.
After the beginning of the all-out war in Ukraine, she has been working continuously on humanitarian aid between Slovakia and Ukraine.
From the Slovakian border to the Russian one, she travels alone or with her team from Mukachevo and Slovakia to visit people in need, sometimes several times a week.



Ján Saraka - Modrý kríž o.z.

With the help of the Blue Cross, Ján supports military chaplains working at the home front and on the front-line.
He also supports hospitals for wounded soldiers and refugee centers.
Ever since 2002, Blue Cross has been supporting humanitarian organizations in western Ukraine.

Caritas Spiš

Volunteers and staff are providing long-term humanitarian assistance in several areas across Ukraine.
They cooperate and support several Slovak volunteer initiatives in Ukraine in the form of material or logistical assistance.

Bevan Stein - ECAV

Bevan is an American missionary living in Slovakia for 27 years.
In addition to his many years of effective assistance to marginalized groups in Slovakia, he has focused on helping Ukraine after the outbreak of all-out war.
In a short time he got his truck driver's license and drives himself to the front-line areas with the help of ECAV Slovakia and others.