Kherson flood relief

Just one day after the unprecedented Russian attack on the Kachov Dam, our volunteer Frantisek was present directly in Kherson and the surrounding villages, unloading our stockpiled aid directly on the southern front. We deployed two additional vans to aid him and over the next three days, Franta and his partners brought five vans full of aid to Kherson. Subsequently, in a joint collection through, we raised €48,012 for which we were able to deliver two truckloads of technical supplies and the platform coordinator personally arranged the distribution of aid in our warehouse for more than two weeks. 

Coordination of humanitarian trucks

Thanks to the cooperation of the platform members, we managed to send six trucks filled with generators, food, sewing machines and medical equipment to Zaporizhzhya and Kherson region during April and May.
On 7.9.2023, a 33-ton truck full of humanitarian aid was delivered by the platform to the city of Chernihiv in the north-west of Ukraine. During the official visit of the First Gentleman of the Slovak Republic, Juraj Rizman, the truck was delivered to our long-term partners in the area.
The Slovakian Government Plenipotentiary for Civil Society, Filip Vagáč, was also present during the delivery of said aid.

Psychological help for children with PTSD

Since the beginning of November 2023, the United for Ukraine platform has provided support for 40 children aged 7 to 12. 

In three villages north of the the city of Kharkiv, three trained child psychologists together with a logistics team are providing consultations linked to group activities aimed at socializing children after the Covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent occupation and constant bombing by the Russian Federation. 

Trained psychologists examine symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder on children in areas less than 15 kilometres from the border with Russia. Together with the parents, the workers discuss the possibility of further treatment at help centers, organizations dealing with the issue in the long term.


Generators saving lives

The bombing of key energy points by the enemy caused electricity shortages and even blackouts during the winter of 2022/23. Thanks to partner companies, member association Berkat, o.z. and in cooperation with other members managed to secure a total of 74 high quality, tested generators (Heron 5.6kW and 7kW, respectively), which thanks to their higher power can also help with heating and even several living units at once.
The generators have helped in homes, hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, and military units.

Representing the members of the Platform

Representatives of the United for Ukraine platform represent the interests and work of members at events of various nature. On 18.5.2023, a meeting on the topic of facilitating border crossing took place in the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration in Uzhorod. The meeting was personally attended by the Slovak Ambassador to Ukraine, the Consul General, the Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and the security forces of the receiving state. At the meeting, the representatives of the Platform expressed the problems related to the border crossing and discussed with the attendees the process of facilitating the border crossing for its members.
On 11.10.2023, the coordinator of the Platform, Marek Janiga, was invited to a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Slovakia, Mr. Nigel Baker. The topic of the meeting was the volunteering of the Platform members, as well as other civil society activities related to the protection of democracy. 
During his visit to Dolny Kubin, the founder of the member initiative: Let's Help Ukraine Survive, Tomáš Sklarčík, was also invited to meet with the Ambassador.