Surviving the winter

As the real needs vary depending on conditions at the front and the weather, we strive to continuously address the most urgent requirements.

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Kids in Shevchenkovo

Shevchenkovo is a small town in Kharkiv Oblast, 35 kilometres from Kupiansk. Today there are more than 1700 refugee (internally displaced) children living there.
They had to leave their homes, many of them completely destroyed by the bombing.

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Toe and body warmers

We have been helping the troops for a long time, especially with medical supplies.
Thousands of tourniquets, hundreds of first aid kits and stretchers, medicines, disinfectants, repellents, thermal socks, gas heaters, energy bars and other material aid according to the current needs.

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Turniquets save lives

Turniquets are tactical medical tourniquets developed for one-handed application - in case of self-use. In crisis situations, the tourniquet will completely shut off the blood flow in a traumatic injury with severe bleeding.

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